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Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 20th, 2014

Leaves are falling, the weather is turning colder, and the staff at Mendon Village Animal Hospital are busy getting ready for Halloween!

While the doctors and staff are working on our own disguises for our annual Halloween costume contest, we can’t help but wonder: what will all of our patients be dressed up as this year? What better way to find out than have a Pet Costume Contest??

Cat, halloween, pet costume

Dr. Reichenstein’s cat, Tigger, in costume

Pet Costume Contest Rules

    • 1.  Email a photo of your pet in costume to by Monday, November 3rd.


  • 2.  We’ll upload your picture to our Facebook page and let our friends vote!  Every “like” will count as a vote for your pet. The pet with the most votes will receive a special prize!


  • 3.  The winner will be announced on Facebook on  Friday, November 7th!



Does your pet hate getting dressed up??   Be sure to join in the fun anyway!  We’ll need your help to determine the winner.  Check out our Halloween photo album on Facebook on the Monday after Halloween to see the all the submissions and vote for your favorites!


Aside from what great costume you’ll dress your pet in, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that your pets stay happy and safe this Halloween.

Halloween Safety Tips

1.    Keep your pet’s curious noses far away from the candy bowl!   Unlike human trick-or-treaters, dogs and cats can’t tolerate those sweets!   Chocolate is toxic to dogs, as is xylitol in sugar free candy.  The Pet Poison Helpline calls Halloween their busiest time of year, noting a 12% increase in  phone calls during the week around the holiday.   If your pet ingests Halloween candy, or anything else questionable, the Pet Poison Helpline is a great resource to find out if you should be concerned, and what to do next!  Check out their website, or download their app!

pets, halloween

Tracy’s Boston Terrier Pumpkin

2.   Be careful with lit candles inside Jack-O-Lanterns, especially around curious cats and wiggly dogs!

3.   If your furry friend is joining your family trick-or-treating, make sure they are visible to cars and passersby!   A reflective leash and collar, or a light attached to the collar can be very helpful in making sure your pet is seen.

4.   For pets who stay home on Halloween night, be sure to minimize their risk of slipping out the door!  Keep dogs leashed if they are helping you pass out candy. Consider closing cats and nervous dogs in a quiet, safe room during peak activity time.   Just in case your pet does manage to sneak past you, be sure they have a well fitting collar with ID tags so they can be safely returned to you.

5.   Don’t leave pets outside unattended.  Unfortunately, some Halloween pranksters target pets.  Just to be safe, we recommend keeping cats inside and letting dogs out only when supervised.  This is especially important for black cats and dogs.  In fact, many shelters won’t even adopt out black pets during the month of October.


Have a fun, happy and SAFE Halloween!  Don’t forget to keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out what creepy, silly and fun costumes the staff come up with for our own contest on Thursday, October 30th!